Wicked Problem Solving

An online course and toolkit created for anyone who wants to solve problems.

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What is Wicked Problem Solving?

Wicked Problem Solving is a new online course created by The Wujec Group in collaboration with Project Management Institute. This online course and toolkit was developed specifically for design thinkers, leaders, and consultants to sharpen their creative collaboration and problem-solving skills. The Wicked Problem Solving framework was constructed using the best of design thinking, agile, lean, project management, and other work methodologies. The online course will teach you how to bring yourself, or your team, from irresolution to resolution using a powerful approach to tackle virtually any problem and make solutions visible.

Meet Your Guru

Tom Wujec Is a technology pioneer, TED speaker, entrepreneur, writer, and facilitator who helps people solve complex problems and create wickedly great outcomes. Tom has worked with more than 100 companies on four continents to find ways to solve their unique challenges.

For over 25 years, Tom has created digital tools, like Academy Award-winning software Maya and Sketchbook Pro (used by 40+ million designers globally) to help organizations design and engineer better cars, stronger buildings, and more beautiful and sustainable consumer products. As an Autodesk Fellow and Singularity University Professor, Tom has consistently worked at the leading edge of exponentially growing technologies.

Over 10 million people have watched his popular TED Talks and every day over 40 million people use software developed by Tom to build and design leading-edge products. As an author of six best-selling books and creator of design-thinking business tools, Tom uniquely brings together the worlds of emerging digital trends, business transformation and creative collaboration to help you do business better.

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