Welcome to PMI Generation

Hi! I’m Dave and I lead the Innovation team at PMI, which was formed in early 2019. If you’re here, you’ve seen our new website and this new home for access to products and partnerships forged by our team. Welcome!

We’ll use this site to showcase all that is happening within PMI Innovation, sharing our new and experimental products with you before they are ready for PMI’s global stage. We hope that this site demonstrates our commitment to exploring the present and future of project work. Please explore, bookmark, and come back. You can also sign up for occasional email notifications about new blog posts here.

An Admission

In the past, PMI kept some concepts and products under wraps until they were 100% (or more) ready. Sometimes this meant that you only saw products after long, silent development periods. Other times, you never saw test products at all, maybe thinking that we weren’t trying new things (though we were! They just didn’t all launch.). In all these cases, we weren’t able to forge a deeper innovation-driven relationship with you; one that enables a culture of sharing, testing, growing, and launching the most exciting products and partnerships possible.

A New Generation

This website is meant to be the next generation of PMI’s innovation-driven relationship with you. The name, “PMIGeneration” is meant to connote that fresh start, and also to imply how the Innovation team works in two important ways. First, PMI Innovation is a small team with a robust process for rapid generation ofideas, prototypes, and products (in a later post, I’ll talk about how we took an idea from concept to product in just a few weeks). Second, generation connotes creating and delivering energy, as an electrical generator would. As our new Brand Vision describes, we want to empower people to achieve – We power the project economy, strengthening society by enabling organizations and empowering people to make ideas a reality. PMI Generation aims to provide both the tools and the energy to inspire our membership in line with that vision.

I look forward to sharing more with you through this blog in the coming weeks and months. Thanks for being part of this journey to improve the world of work. It means a lot to us.

All the best –


Dave Stadler

Director, Innovation Strategy