Provides project managers – especially those just starting their careers – with interactive content, videos, and study materials that allow you to tackle new subject areas at your own pace.

Be a Project Hero

PM EDGE is an app and a website for people who work on projects. It’s for the developer, the designer, the subject matter expert, the building project coordinator–anyone who touches project work and wants to upskill into the world of project management.

PM EDGE is videos, quickreads, and study materials wrapped up in a social platform where users can like, comment, and share content.

Users can take a 30-question exam to test their PM knowledge. Upon passing the exam, users can share a PM EDGE digital badge from PMI via LinkedIn, with a manager, coworker, or future employer.

PM EDGE is a jumping-off point for the next generation of project managers into the many products and services of PMI.

PM EDGE is currently in beta. We are collecting user feedback to enhance and refine the product, and to create the best possible user experience. We want to hear about how the product is working for you, whether or not is it valuable to you, what features would you like to see added, and any problems or issues you experience. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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